A Non-Profit Organization for the Advancement of Sexuality, Relationships and Family Life

amongst people with Special Needs and Disabilities



Every person has the right to healthy sexuality, to love, and to have pleasure, regardless of his age, religion, gender, culture, type of family, background, sexual preference, difficulties or disabilities.

People with Special Needs have the right to love and be loved the right to actualize their sexuality according to their choice and to create meaningful and intimate relationships.

A person with Special Needs- Is a person with physical, sensory, emotional, intellectual, cognitive, or  social difficulties or disabilities, either temporary or permanent.



This organization is a nonprofit organization so every donation is much appreciated shortly you will be able to donate online.


Joining us

This NGO accepts with pleasure any person or organization that sees as their mission as part of the goals of the NGO and will act in order to advance and actualize them.

This Non- Profit Organization is a certifying body in Israel of professionals that specialize in the field of Sexuality for Special Needs people. We keep the highest professional standards at the same time adhering to clear Ethical principles.

About Us

Because of the difficulties that accompany these people throughout the life cycle they are in need of professionals that specialize in this field to answer their needs. To be either a counselor, and educator, or a therapist for Special Needs People requires Knowledge, Training and skills that are appropriate for this population.

We at the Organization for the Advancement of Sexuality, Relationships and Family Life amongst people with Special Needs see our mission in the following goals.

  • The advancement of sexuality, relationships and family life amongst Special Needs People

  • Seeking out and exposure to opportunities for Special Needs People to meet and create intimate relationships.

  • Certification of Professionals with a specialty in working with Special Needs People. Their purpose is to educate, counsel and treat people with the highest standards and adherence to ethical principles.

  • Providing Professional Answers that are appropriate for different sectors of the population for example Religious People, Orthodox, Arab, and a variety of cultures.

  • To create a national center of Public Relations, to publicize Information, Education, counseling and treatment in the community, and to advance research and legislation on the subject of sexuality and quality of life.

5  Bosmat st. Ramat Gan Israel

Tel: +972-50 624 2930


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